Windows 8 – Windows Defender


This may not happen to all PC users, but I’ve spent days trying to figure out what was causing my computer to freeze every couple of minutes. The computer that I have is a M17x Alienware Laptop. The drivers seems to support Windows 8 , so I had no problem there. At first, I thought it was related to my graphics driver, and reinstalled that a couple of times. I then proceeded to turn off any services that was occurring startup, but that still didn’t fix it. I then went into “services.msc” and began to disable some services to narrow down what was causing the crash. I figured that I should attempt to disable Windows Defender to see if that was the culprit, and indeed it was. After restarting my computer and running some intensive applications, my computer no longer froze. I then attempted to just install another antivirus program which worked on my laptop.




This was the solution that worked for me. There are other solutions out there advising you to run “chkdsk” and “sfc /scannow” to see if it is a hard drive problem when Windows Defender is scanning sectors. However, my hard drive was clean and healthy, so this solution didn’t help me.


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