Turning off Log Dumps -SSD Tweak 1-

This kind of tweak should be useful for people who use SSD (Solid State Drives). Every time your computer crashes and as a result, a dump file will be made. Usually the purpose of these dump files is so that you can open the file up and try to diagnose the problem and try to solve it.

This kind of helps saves space. For SSD, it helps your drive stay healthy. As some may know, every time a file writes to the SSD it may degrade its performance the life. Although it may not harm it that much…But if the dump file keeps logging the errors and continuously writes to the SSD, then surely the SSD life will decrease.

Now to turn it off:

*Click the windows icon, and right click “My Computer” and click Properties
*On the left hand side, click “Advanced Options”
*Under the advanced tab, you will see a category called “Startup and Recovery”
*Click under it “Settings…”
*Under “Write debugging information”, Click the drop down and click (none)
*Press Ok

That’s pretty much it. You have now stopped logging those dumps.


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