Mac OS X – App Zapper (Clean)

For the Mac, it suprised me that all you had to do to install an application is simply drag and drop the image over when you mount the .dmg file and then one could uninstall by dragging the app into the trash can.

This led me to question if there would be any fragments left behind in the uninstall process. Throughout some threads and forums, some people said it was okay, but I did run into a problem that I wanted to re-install an application. This application was CrossOver. I found out there were many instances of it installed, and that they were affecting each other’s registration process…What to do now?

I done some researching on the web and found a nifty tool that actually helps to uninstall an application very efficiently. The app is called AppZapper and it will search for related files that pertains to the installed application. Simply dragging the application over to the “Drag Window”, you can remove the traces of this file, and then go about reinstalling it into your Mac clean!

You can find the app over at this site


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