Microsoft Surface – Clear Tile Cache

Clear Live Tile Cache (Specific) –
The video shows how to clear the live tile for the photos app
Problem: Deleting the photo results in the photo still appearing on the live tile

(General Outline)
1) Delete the photo you want to delete
2) Run the command from the command line as an administrator
3) Jpg files are now deleted
4) If the photo app is open, close it
5) Toggle Live tile from on to off
6) Toggle Live tile back to on
7) The Live tile should now display nothing
8) Open the photo app, and swipe from the right to open the charms settings
9) Click settings and then to options
10) Toggle “Shuffle photos on the app tile” from on to off
11) Toggle it back to on
12) Jpg files are now created of those still remaining in the photos app.
13) If not, just going through your photos and opening them will generate those tiles

Clear Live Tile Cache (All) –

1) From Modern UI start screen, swipe from the right to display charms menu
2) Click settings
3) Click Tiles
4) Clear Personal info from tiles
5) Fixes Problem as well
6) Although this will clear all the tiles as opposed to only a selected one from the method below


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