Microsoft Surface – Surface Setup & Optimize

Showing you how I setup things, shortcuts, gestures, and tips.
1) Disabling some options from “Performance Options” helps to speed up transitions, making the device seem faster.
2) Volume options were used to help enhance the volume as much as possible
3) Windows event logger can be useful, but usually it may create many log entries and could cause potential slow down

NOTE 2: Going to manage accounts you can enable the guest account. It is disabled by default


1) When booting a fresh restored tablet, the office suite is in Preview Mode
2) You have to execute windows update to upgrade the suite to the Official Version
3) I believe the updates also improves performance as well
4) Introduction to Office Suite & Tutorial


1) Linking up (Photos, but mainly, Videos and Music)
2) Goal is to store your music and videos on your SD card to save space as oppose to storing it on the tablet itself
3) Following the video we will use symlink.
4) Once completed, you will see your videos and music show up in the default video and music apps


NOTE 3 – Recommended to put multiple backups of the Recovery on your Laptop | SD Card | Other

1) Shows Windows Updates Installations that must be performed when you have a restored tablet
2) It’s a good idea to run disk cleanup to reclaim any space from those windows updates
3) Install new applications from the windows store
4) Shows space after windows updates and installed applications from the windows store


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