MSCONFIG – Microsoft System Configuration

To use it, we must be able to get to its menu:

There are many ways to get there and I’ll be showing ways that it will
be easy for you to understand!

(1)Click your start button, or windows button


(2)In the search bar, type in msconfig

(3)Press enter, and if you done it correctly, you will be presented with the configuration utility.



(1a)While holding down the window logo key on your keyboard, followed by “r”
So it will be Win+r, which will bring up something like this:


(2) Press enter and you will get the configuration utility.


(3) You will see that there are a lot of options and tabs above.
For example, if you didn’t want to see the windows logo while booting up one can simply go to the boot tab and check off “No GUI Boot”.


(3a) One of the best ways to use MSconfig is to speed up your start up time and make your computer use less resources. What is commonly used is to go to the “startup tab” and check off the useless programs that you don’t need to start while windows boots up, or hog a lot of resources.


For now, that is the basics of using the Configuration Utility without doing anything harmful to your computer.

*For advanced users, one can go into the services tab and check off the useless services that aren’t really needed for their windows environment.

For a list, here’s a site that is commonly used: Turn Off Unneeded Services

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