SYSTEM PROPERTIES – Configuration#1

Now that you are familiar on how to access some configurations in the Windows environment, we can look at some tweaks to help the performance of your system.


(1) Accessing the System Properties. Usually how I do it is right click “My Computer” from the start menu. Once you know how to do that, right click it and scroll down to “Properties” and click on it.

(1b) Should look similar to this:


(2) In the new window, you should see some basic info about your system. On the left hand side click on “Advanced System Settings”

(2b) Should look similar to this:


(3) What we want to do is click on the advanced tab which is shown in the picture, and then click on “Settings” in the performance part.

(3b) We will now get a window similar to this:


(4) Now one has a choice to let windows choose its performance, or if you choose best appearance, you will experience some slow-downs from time to time if your system can’t keep up. If you set it to best performance, one will pretty much sacrifice looks for performance.

(4b) I would recommend to choose best performance if your computer is relatively old. For other users, I highly recommend to do “Custom” since you can choose which effects or animations you don’t really need. Also you can choose to keep your visual style and increase your performance a tad better!

*That’s it for Part#1 for System Properties Configuration!

~More to come!

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