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The surface has been jailbroken quite early in its release. A person named¬†clrokr was able to jailbreak the surface. He has found an exploit and has doucmented a very great explaination on it. In a few days, the community at xda was able to come up with an easy step tool to jailbreak your own surface. Now, fortunately, this does not allow any piracy. The pros of this, is that users can now run desktop applications on their surface. However, the apps that can only be run are apps compiled in arm. This means applications like photoshop can’t be run unless somehow it is compiled in arm. Below is a tutorial I made and some useful facts:

LATEST UPDATE: – Fixes Username with Spaces

1) Simply download the following zip file and extract/drag the folder onto your Desktop: RT
2) Swipe from the right, and open the charms menu and click search
3) Search for powershell and toggle it to run as admin
4) Type the following without quotes into powershell to get the developer license for RT “Show-WindowsDeveloperLicenseRegistration”
5) Press enter and you will be prompted to press I agree, and enter your microsoft credentials to get the license.
6) Once you are done, go to the folder you extracted, and execute “runExploit.bat”
7) Follow the on-screen directions
8) Press R to execute the program, and then another Powershell may open, execute R again.
9) Wait a few seconds, and it will tell you when to press the volume button. When it does, hold the volume-down button until you see a message that you are jail-broken or when the bat exits.

Once Rebooted:

You just have to execute “runExploit.bat” so start from step 6 and wait until you see a message that tells you to do something

Q) I keep BSoD’ing! What’s up? [From xda thread – Netham45]
A) I haven’t managed to track down the cause of the BSoDs, except that they seem to happen when the exploit is ran within the first minute or so of the tablet booting and logging in. If you’re getting BSoDs, boot your tablet to the desktop and wait 2 or 3 minutes before trying the exploit.

Notes* = Must be run after each reboot if you wish to run the desktop apps again.
*Use at your own risk

Credits & Source & FAQS [Netham45 & clrokr]
[Release] RT Jailbreak Tool – xda-developers

Released/Compiled Apps Thus Far: (Putty & TightVnc)
xda-developers – View Single Post – [Q] Hacking Windows RT to Run Desktop Apps?

(Notepad++, 7zip, more)

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