Brackets Code Editor

Brackets is an open source code editor with many features as mentioned in the screenshot. I never knew of this program’s existence until I saw a person using it while demonstrating it for an Angular exercise. The editor is best used with chrome installed. I’ve been using this program for about 2 months and I’ve enjoyed my experience with it immensely. First of all, it is a very light weight program out of the box. From here, there is an Extension Manager off of the File menu which you can download extensions whom people have created just for Brackets. There are many useful and convenient ones to pick from. One extension that is particular cool is the Theseus plugin which is like a live debugger. With this, you can examine code flow easier, and see how blocks of code either fails or succeeds. You can also step into the code to examine variables in the code. One other nice feature is that there is an inline color and style editor which you can easily examine and edit css code. Finally, the live HTML development feature is very cool. There is a lightning bolt icon in the code editor which enables this feature. This will launch your html page, and as you make changes in Brackets, the page that was launched will automatically update. Cool huh? This will safe you the time of saving, reloading the page, and repeating these steps!


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