Surface RT – Touch & Type Covers

Touch covers come in a variety of colors. The main difference of the touch cover is that the buttons don’t have any feeling to it. What I mean by this is that, you can’t really feel the buttons as you type. This can be a good thing or bad thing depending on the user’s preference. It took me at least a full week to get comfortable with the touch cover’s keyboard. Now, typing on its keyboard is very simple and fast. Other key features are that the touch cover is very thin and light. Another thing I might add in is that simply grazing your hand on the touch cover won’t register the keys. So if you are the type of person that likes to lay your hands on the keyboard, this may be a useful feature to you. As a keyboard and touch cover, it also features a track pad with a left & right click.  Along the top of the keyboard, it features various shortcuts to interact with the Surface. If you are aiming for productivity, you may want to take a look at the type cover which simulates and actual keyboard. On the touch cover, I find myself typing at normal speed, but at times I miss a space various times and it gets a bit annoying having to hit the backspace button all the time.








The type cover closely resembles that of the touch cover. The distinctive feature here is that the type cover feels like a real keyboard. So pressing down on the button will register your keys. With this, your fingers will have a better feeling where you are on the keyboard. Depending on the user, this will help them type as they would on any laptop or computer. They will be able to be more productive and type efficiently. I won’t be getting a type cover in a few weeks though, but once I do, I plan to review it and post an update on the blog.


Both covers are very reliable, portable, and stylish!


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