CPUID- Hardware Monitor

With Hardware Monitor, you can view your temperatures of the components in your computer. You will most likely see the CPU and GPU temperatures. Depending on what CPU you have, one can display the cores you have in your system and display the temps of each one. The same can be said for the GPU card/s you may have.

I find this program very important since it will give you the Min and Max values that it reaches. So if you find out that your temperatures are exceeding your target value then you should seek help or apply thermal compound on your components. Usually depending on what computer you have you would want to keep your components fairly low. You should watch out for temperatures exceeding 70 degrees Celsius because if your computer isn’t equipped with good quality fans, you can expect overheating and damages to your computer if your computer doesn’t have a fail-safe feature. For example, if your computer is going to overheat, the computer’s fail-safe feature would shut off your computer to protect itself from damages!

It’s freeware so you should try it out and watch your temperatures!!

CPUID – Hardware Monitor

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