This tool is extremely useful, especially if you tend to overclock or make sure your system is reporting your information correctly. It will tell the voltage your computer uses as well as your core speed. Additionally, this program can tell you the multiplier and FSB or (Front Side Bus). These two setting can increase the processor’s speed. However, it is only adjustable if you have an unlocked setting in the bios that allows you to change the multiplier or FSB. Another useful thing this program has to offer is that you can see your clock timings via the memory tab and the divisor between memory and FSB. (The best divisor most people tend to say is 1:2 ration). Usually this is useful if you can adjust the clocks or use Nvidia System Tools to optimize your clock speed to make your computer more efficient and “faster”. This usually take a lot of practice though. Obviously there is a lot of information that most people would not know but nevertheless, this program is an essential tool to have.

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